Attaché [a-ta-SHAY]: "A briefcase or work bag for carrying business papers, documents, or the like"
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Hire new employees and independent contractors
Need help hiring new employees and independent contractors?

Onboard and engage your team with Attaché for Business
Need help onboarding and engaging your team?

Manage users and their information with Attaché for Business
Need help managing your people?

Precious Client
"Attache for Business has helped us professionalize our engagements with contractors. It helps our operations team stay organized by keeping confidential and other business critical documents in one place. With increased efficiency, I no longer have to wade through spreadsheets and multiple folders."
~Precious J. Stroud, Principal, PJS Consultants

Attaché for Business Software and Consulting Services

  • Keep records confidential, safe, and secure
  • Provide company directory to your employees
  • Access software you and your team uses, all from one page
  • Professionally onboard contractors for optimal engagement
  • Provide employees with key information and documents
  • Issue & sign contracts and agreements that won’t get lost
  • Track skills and expertise
  • Manage credentials, work, and projects
  • Run reports with one click
  • Get management tips from our experts on a weekly basis
  • Keep up to date contact information with employee self-service
  • ... and much, much more.
  • Create a hiring plan and plan for growth
  • Hire new employees and independent contractors
  • Create an engaging onboarding plan for virtual new hires
  • Create specific independent contractor contracts
  • Offer is a good salary to your employee or independent contractor
  • Which benefits to offer based on your size and business
  • Manage employee performance
  • Reduce turnover or maintain loyalty in seasonal employees
  • What to know about workers compensation
  • How to respond to unemployment claims
  • Know when to call a lawyer
  • …and much more

Affordable pricing to fit every budget

See all of your users in one view

Looks and works great on desktop, laptop, handheld, and phone

Drill down and view documents for a specific user

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