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Best Practices | Management | PRESENTED BY Prof360

Four Management Styles You Don't Want in Your Company

Understanding four of the destructive management styles can help you avoid or quickly address issues that may lead to a disruption in employee performance. The goal of a good manager is always to bring out the best in organization and the people they manage. Sometimes poor managers generally don’t know how to do that or they are following patterns and behaviors of managers from their past.

  • The Bully
  • The Enabler
  • The Rescuer
  • The Abdicator

Disrupting poor management styles starts with awareness. Then giving the manager new behaviors and strategies for dealing with specific situations. 

Management, HR, Leadership, Manager

Best Practices | Small Business | PRESENTED BY bombilla creative, Inc.

Business-to-Business Advice: Branding with bombilla

We asked Ivellisse Morales, CEO of Bombilla, about developing a business brand:

When creating a brand, what advice would you give a small business?

Branding, My Brand,

Best Practices | Small Business | PRESENTED BY Prof360

Business-to-Business: The Chameleon on Virtual Assistant Hiring

We asked Jessica Andritsch, owner of The Chameleon: What is the most important thing someone hiring a VA should know?


Virtual Assistant, VA, HIring a VA

Best Practices | Small Business | PRESENTED BY Sara J. Bronson & Associates

Business-to-Business: Sara J. Bronson & Associates

Today’s Featured Friday company is Sara J. Bronson & Associates. We posed the following question to Sara, Founder and CEO of Sara J. Bronson & Associates

What's one thing small business owners need to know and do to manage their money and cash flow to help them grow their business?

Accounting, bookkeeping, finances, money management, money mindset

Best Practices | Small Business | PRESENTED BY The Justice Collective

Business-to-Business Advice: The Justice Collective

 We asked Lena Carew, the Head of Organizational Health and Innovation for The Justice Collective, to answer two questions:

(1) What is your best management tip for small business owners?

(2) What tips would you give a company that is wanting to add diversity to their team?

Race, Diversity, Inclusion, Hiring, Entrepreneurship, SmallBusiness

Best Practices | Small Business | PRESENTED BY Piikup

Business-to-Business Advice: PiikUp

We posed a question to April Fenall, Founder and CEO of Piikup (and Attaché for Business customer), Relatively new small business owners or entrepreneurs often feel self-conscious and second guess decisions they make. What advice would you give these individuals?

smallbiz, smallbusiness, businessmindset, resilience, advice, featuredfriday, AttacheforBusiness, Piikup

Best Practices | Small Business | PRESENTED BY Uptima Entrepreneur Cooperative

Business-to-Business Advice: Starting A Business with Rani Croager

We asked Rani Langer-Croager, the CEO of Uptima to answer our question:

“What advice would you give an entrepreneur planning to start a business?”

SmallBusiness, startup, business

Best Practices | Small Business | PRESENTED BY Prof360

If the Program Fits, You Must Apply: A big lesson learned as CEO of a small business

There is a time to sacrifice and a time avail yourself of what is rightfully yours. Suffering needlessly is not a good business strategy.

Read my personal lesson ...

veteran, women owned, small business, African American, people of color, veteran owned, Coronavirus, Covid-19, Lessons learned

Best Practices | Management | PRESENTED BY Prof360

Why Remote Work Fails

The coronavirus has taught us that there are both positives and challenges to working remotely or working from home. It can be a bit of a minefield but getting things set-up well and starting out the right way can mitigate many of the challenges. If your employees are already engaged in remote work, you can make some small adjustments to have a big effect.  Take a look at these aspects of remote working, especially for small businesses or departments. 

Remote Work, Working, Productivity, Belonging, Engagement

Best Practices | Institutional Leadership | PRESENTED BY Prof360

Leadership Lesson From COVID-19: Tough Decisions

It’s not easy to be an effective leader, but effective, strong, and decisive leadership is what is needed when you are entrusted with the health, safety, lives and/or livelihood of others. 

When Gavin Newsom and Jay Inslee (the Governors of California and Washington state respectively) essentially shut down their states, the timing was excellent. The novel coronavirus had already invaded. Citizens were concerned. We had seen what happened in China and it was time for decisive action. While the decisions to send everyone home from work and shut down stores, entertainment, and religious gatherings seemed dramatic, the leadership shown was effective. As days and weeks followed they have been lauded for their actions. It didn’t stop the virus from afflicting the states’ residents but it apparently slowed the curve and magnitude of incidents.

Leadership, Management, COVID-19, Decision making,

Best Practices | Management | PRESENTED BY Prof360

Managing Remote Teams: beyond work during COVID-19

Almost everyone has been sent home. You may or may not be able to continue business remotely. Remote workers during non-pandemic times say they most miss a sense of camaraderie and interaction with coworkers. As a manager, you can help to keep your employees engaged.

Remote Work, Management, COVID-19, beyond work, engagement,

Article | Management | PRESENTED BY Prof360

Managing Remote Employees: Five Common Concerns and How to Address Them

Remote work, which includes multi-location teams and a telecommuting workforce, is on the rise. According to the website, “68% of millennials now say they expect a work from home option to be part of the package before they'll sign with a company.” This article explores common management concerns.

Remote Work, Telecommuting, Management

Best Practices | Human Resources | PRESENTED BY Prof360

Why and How to Create an Independent Contractor Handbook

Independent contractors, consultants, contract workers, 1099 “employees”, and outsourced staff. All of these are names used to refer to individuals who work for you, but are paid outside of payroll. there are many benefits to having a handbook specifically developed for these independent members of your team.[...]Before you write a handbook for them, let’s make sure the individuals you are paying...

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